What makes us different?

Unlike most “tour” companies, Nearby Nature was created to serve those struggling with mental health and encourages gentle, safe outdoor exercise in a peer-support setting. We are based out of beautiful Vancouver, BC, which offers many scenic trails easily accessible by transit.

We acknowledge that all of our services are provided on the unceded territories of the Squamish, Musqueam, and Tseil-Watuth nations.

We offer many types of activities during our walks. Some walks may focus on one type of activity, while others will be a combination. All activities require no existing skills and encourage participants to be present and grounded in a nature setting. 


Nature Interpretation

Find out more about the world around you, from wild trails to designer gardens. 



What’s that sound? Learn to identify local birds and their calls. Binoculars useful but not necessary!


Walking Meditation

Disconnect from your phone and spend a bit of quiet time in the woods. 

You've heard it a million times...

Eat right, exercise, and you’ll feel better.

Unfortunately, when we are suffering from a mental illness, leaving our home (or even our bedroom) can feel like climbing Mount Everest!

Nearby Nature provides gentle outdoor recreation as part of a holistic mental health treatment plan. 

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Nature and Mental Health

Many studies have shown the advantages that walking in nature has on mental health, including this study from Stanford University. In this case, the participants simply went for a stroll in a local park and instantly experienced a decrease in anxiety and depression.  

Removing Barriers

Our guided nature walks take place on beginner-level trails within Metro Vancouver and require no special equipment. In order to accommodate those with social anxiety, we limit the number of participants to seven or less, unless it is a group reservation. We’ll reach out to you before each event to ensure you feel comfortable and have everything you need.

Designed for Healing

Through nature interpretation, bird watching, and other calming activities, we encourage clients to practice mindfulness while receiving the benefits of fresh air, light exercise and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Why do we do what we do?

Our Mission:
We serve those suffering from mental illness ease their symptoms through gentle outdoor activities.

Our Vision:
Gentle outdoor exercise is a safe and barrier-free way for all Canadians to manage their mental health.