Corrie is the founder of Nearby Nature, which combines her passions of getting outside, teaching new skills and supporting others. Her time at MEC sparked an interest in outdoor guiding after encouraging friends to join her on hikes up the local mountains. She has also held longterm volunteer positions in areas of physical and mental health, namely the West End Community Centre, HUB Cycling, Sunset Towers Peer Support Group and the Stanley Park Ecology Society. As a peer support, Corrie offers experience with a Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) diagnosis and over ten years of sobriety. 


Bacon is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that was born in the Cariboo region of British Columbia and grew up in Downtown Vancouver. He loves eating, sleeping and hiking, in that order. While he enjoys searching for something smelly to roll around in, he’s also a true corg of culture: he starred in the Vancouver Arts Club 2017 production of “The Audience” as one of the Queen’s corgis. You can follow his adventures on Instagram here

Bacon looks forward to joining you on trail walks around Metro Vancouver!